Senator Ball Calls for Independent Redistricting, Constitutional Change, It's Time to Keep Our Promise

Greg Ball

May 24, 2011


ALBANY, NY – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) is embarking upon an effort to enlist all members in both houses to support what he calls, “real, lasting, and substantive changes to the current redistricting process” by supporting a bill amending the New York State Constitution to once and for all enact truly independent redistricting.

“Demographics and geography should decide district lines, not politics. The only real way to establish constitutional standards is by amending the constitution, the way our founders suggested, and make these changes permanent and constitutionally sound.”

The bill will propose a constitutional amendment to create a non-partisan five member apportionment commission, four members of which shall be appointed by the majority and minority officers of the legislature and the fifth to be selected by the aforesaid four. It will require districts to be as compact as possible and will set legitimate standards for the creation and establishment of legislative districts.

Ball said, “The only solid way to permanently change the current process of redrawing district lines is a constitutional amendment and we should pass it in both houses immediately. This is what our founders wanted, when they set up the process for change within our constitution, and it is what I intend to push for.”

Senator Ball will begin circulating a letter of support to members in both houses, for fair and non-partisan redistricting – that is also permanent and constitutional.