Senator Greg Ball Issues Statement on NY Healthcare Exchange

Greg Ball

January 13, 2014

Ball: “New York will now see the true nature of this beast”

Albany, N.Y. – 01/13/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) issued the following statement regarding New York States Healthcare Exchange.

“When the Governor issued an executive order in 2012 to override the legislature and create a statewide healthcare exchange, I warned that this promise of federal dollars would come with strings attached. We have seen a clunky rollout of this expensive government program full of lost coverage, website glitches, privacy issues and thousands of doctors and patients being dropped from insurance providers. As Obamacare takes full effect, New York State will sadly continue to see the true costs and nature of this beast including the billions of dollars this program will cost, all while diminishing the quality of healthcare in New York State,” said Senator Greg Ball.

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